[children's habit training series] how to guide children to learn to think independently (5-6 years old)

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Why do children learn to think independently?
The ability to think is the only thing that can be completely controlled. Without correct thinking, there will be no correct action. Those who have made great achievements have developed the habit of diligent thinking. They are good at finding and solving problems, and do not let problems become a difficult problem in life. It can be said that any meaningful conception and plan is from thinking, thinking and supporting life. But sharp thinking does not fall from the sky, but requires strict training and training. Therefore, it is very important to cultivate children's independent thinking ability and children's habit training.

How to guide children to learn to think independently
1. create an atmosphere of independent thinking
1) don't tell the answer to the question directly.
2) take the initiative to ask questions and discuss with the children
2. time to think independently for a child
1) encourage children to make their own opinions
2) allow children to make a difference.
3) guide the child to find the answer
3. let children learn to think through some practical ways.
1) guide the children to speak their knowledge in their own words
2) ask the children to collate and sum up various types of questions
3) try to make the parents study the parents

Training children to think independently is a problem that every parent will face. Parents should seize the opportunities in their lives to cultivate their children's independent thinking, rather than suddenly start training one day.  Parents also need to have a certain understanding and understanding of the characteristics of independent thinking. Independent thinking can help children believe that they are capable, and their ability will be strengthened gradually in the growth of time. Independent thinking can help children to think clearly and calmly without interference from outside. On the contrary, parents should use warm, friendly tone, appreciation and encouragement to steer children into learning step by step. While restraining the development of children, it is also not conducive to the cultivation of children's independent thinking consciousness. So parents need to give their children more freedom to think and imagine.

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