[children's habit training series]3-6 children must do good habits. How many children have you developed?

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Every time I travel on a train to be waken up by a bear child, Xiao Bian can't help but go over it in my mind. Is this the same for my children on the train? Did you eat and brush your teeth on time this morning? Have you stolen a drink? Do you look at your cell phone for a few hours... Many treasure mom and dad have the same concern with Xiao Bian, because they know the good habits of children, which will eventually benefit their children, and the long habit is to start from this little habit.
The Rockefeller family in the United States is the six generation of the family. They are all elites. Basically, every word and act is not a norm. This has also made this family stand up to date. The success of Chinese pianist Lang Lang also benefited from the good habits that he had formed from his childhood. He worked on time and rest, supplemented nutrition conscientiously, and practiced piano for 8 hours a day.

So what good habits do our children have to do before school age?
In fact, the Ministry of education has clearly identified the 3-6 years old children's habits of life and health.
Bao Ma Bao, Dad, can you check and see how many children your family has done?

3~4 years old
I remind you to sleep and get up on time and keep napping.
They like to take part in sports.
Under the guidance, do not be partial to food, not picky eaters, like eating fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables and so on.
They are willing to drink water, not to drink drinks.
Don't use dirty hands to rub your eyes, watch TV continuously for more than 15 minutes.
I remind you to brush your teeth every morning and evening, then wash your hands after meals.
4~5 years old
Every day, I go to bed and get up on time, and I can take a nap.
They like to take part in sports.
They are not partial, picky, and not binge eating. I like to eat fresh food such as melon, fruit and vegetables.
It often drinks water and doesn't drink drinks.
If you know how to protect your eyes, do not read in a light or too dark place, and watch TV continuously for more than 20 minutes.
Brush your teeth every morning and evening, and wash your hands after meals.
5~6 years old
Get into the habit of sleeping and getting up on time every day.
It can take the initiative to participate in sports activities.
Eat slowly and swallow.
Take the initiative to drink water, not to drink drinks.
Take the initiative to protect the eyes. Do not read in a light or too dark place. You should not contact TV for more than 30 minutes.
Take the initiative to brush your teeth every morning and evening, and wash your hands after meals.

A good habit of children, parents Shao Cao a heart, how to better guide children to develop good habits in life?

Parents set a good example for children to grow up in a good habit.
Parents are children's close teachers, and the 3-6 year old children are the golden age of imitation. Every word and act of their parents will directly affect their children. Let children know that every family member is doing this, bathing in a good atmosphere, making good habits a natural thing.

Let the child realize how good the good habits are.
Every time the children do not brush their teeth well, treasure dad and mother will begin to speak good words. When they do not change their voices, the voice will be a few degrees higher, and the children will be repugnant for a long time. Even a mention will cry. Therefore, we must slowly tell the child that forming a good habit not only won't get sick, but also does not need to nagging every day.

Parents have to be patient and instruct the children to be specific
A fuzzy instruction, such as "you want to brush your teeth well", children often can not understand, treasure father treasure mother should be patient to tell the child, how to brush teeth, brush the teeth, brush a few, so that the child will really understand the concept of good brush teeth.

The upcoming ONEGO's good habit of developing robots, little P, is to focus on children's habits training. Help each child develop good habits, let Bao Ma Bao dad less exercise a heart.

Small P focuses on the daily habits of 3-6 year old children, such as early sleep early, clothes, wash, brush teeth, English learning habits, so that children are guided by the child's interest in small P every day, happy to complete a day's good habit formation plan. As a robot dedicated to cultivating children's good habits, Xiao P is confident that a 3-6 year old child will have a comfortable childhood.
Dear mom and Dad, please look forward to it.


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