[children's habit training series] how best to be "reasonable" with the baby (3-4 years old)

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Why don't the children listen to the truth of their parents
No one likes to be preaching, no one likes to be controlled, and so do children. When we want to change the other person, no matter how good the point of departure and how correct the truth is, it is actually passing: "I don't like the way you are now, you should be the other one." The change itself will make the other feel resisted. When many parents and children are together, they constantly criticize and direct their children. Usually, children are most disgusted with children's reasoning in the following situations.
1. public relations occasions.
2. when parents are very angry, they should not make any decisions when they are angry.
3. when a friend weep, he is very vulnerable and insecure when he weep, and he wants to be understood and comforted, not a rattling criticism and education.
4. children learn (when children are learning, parents better not disturb him in the past, not to think this is a good time to give children reason to speak).

How to "reason" with the baby is the most effective
It is an important means for parents to educate their children. It is not only necessary to be patient with the children, but also to combine the psychological characteristics of the children to choose appropriate methods and techniques.
1. first, to fully affirm the strengths of the children (to make sense with the children, we should fully affirm the strengths of the children, give timely praise and encouragement to the progress of the children, and then correct the mistakes of the children on this basis, so that the children can easily accept the opinion of the adults).
2. secondly, the reason should be "reasonable". (the reason that we should talk with children should be reasonable, and we should not be bullshit or demanding children).
3., if you want to give your child a chance to plead with others (when you are reasoning with a small pot friend, children may justify their words and deeds, and adults should give their children a chance to plead).

Studies show that the most relaxing time is 10 to 20 minutes before bedtime, and is also the easiest time to accept. So, when the night comes, and the little friends lie in bed quietly, tell the little friends what happened today. What are the feelings and gains? If a child makes a mistake during the day, the parents can tell the little friend where, what is wrong, what to do, and what to do in the future... It is a truth to tell a story before bedtime. Only when the environment is relatively quiet and the mood is relatively calm, the children can better complete the listening. The four stages of understanding, remembering and retelling. Similarly, before going to bed, children can be more reasonable.

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