[childcare experience] can a three year old baby follow his father on foot? (3-4 years old)

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Why do the children go hiking
It is studied that the child's growth is divided into three stages:
1) hold me tight
2) put me down
3) don't bother me
In these three stages, we regard "holding me tight" as the stage of mother. "Put me down" at this time he wanted to learn to walk. He wanted to run, when he needed his father most. His father could take him to the lawn, go cycling and running, and his mother did not have the energy and ability to meet his needs for sports. If there is no father, it is an empty space, the ability of the little friends and the ability to contact nature will be missing in the future, and the lack of his future contacts and his understanding of nature is a hindrance to the society.

Can three year old baby walk with dad on foot?
According to children's physical fitness, it is suggested that a gradual and gradual exercise can be started from setting goals.
1) "walking" in the community. Parents record children to take a few laps in the neighborhood to understand the limits of children's movement.
2) parents can take the goal of walking 1 kilometers on the block as a goal to tell children to cheer on each other and discover their potential.
3) combined with children's physical fitness and hobbies, parents start planning the outer suburb "hiking route".
4) bring children's equipment (children's water cups, shoes).

1) improve the willpower of the children
2) help children learn to understand others
3) let the children become more brave
4) let the children think more open
5) can make the children grow fast
6) help to cultivate children's habits

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