ONEGO good habits to build robots - little P tell you how to solve children's bed problem?

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I believe a lot of mom and dad have had the experience of "fighting" with their children every morning to get up in order to get up in order to get up in the morning, especially the baby who began to go to the kindergarten. The baby was not willing to get up in the bed, so that eighteen Wu Yi, the child not only did not rise, but also cried and made the original coil. The comfortable morning time becomes the chicken.

The child's bed problem really makes daddy headache. The autumn is coming soon, and the children will get out of bed too much. Are you ready for battle?

In fact, children love bed for a reason. The most important are four points:
No good sleep habits

Some children like to get out of bed from the very beginning, most of which are related to the lack of good sleep habits. For example, sleeping too late at night causes insufficient sleep time. Usually, children over the age of 2 need 10~15 hours of sleep each day.

Long nap
If a child takes a nap too long, or a nap is too close to the evening, it will make the child energetic in the evening, and can not sleep at rest.

Some children play quilts, turn over or molars when they are sleeping, and parents should pay more attention to whether they have emotional problems or physical discomfort, or other environmental factors that interfere with the quality of their children's sleep.

Sometimes children will inevitably have nightmares. In addition to their nightmares, the biggest reason is fear, psychological stress or physical discomfort.

What are the solutions for children getting into bed?
Mom and dad actually need to find out the specific reasons why their children are out of bed.

Parents should not be angry
When the baby does not want to get up, the most important thing to pay attention to the baby's mom and dad is not to be angry with the baby. Otherwise, the baby is likely to cry loudly to express his dissatisfaction, but to cause more trouble.

After all, the habit of getting rid of the children's bed is not an overnight thing. The law of the baby about 3 years old is completely influenced by the parents. If they want the children to develop good habits, they should start from themselves first and start from the daily life.

Let the child decide to rest
Discuss with your child the time to go to bed and get up, and ask the child how he likes his parents to wake him up. Let the child decide to do the time, let the child know that it is responsible for his own commitment; to get up in the way the child can accept, and to reduce the displeasure of each other.

Create a waking atmosphere
Children on the bed, play some easy music, or some children's favorite story CD, let the child wake up in a relaxed atmosphere, to alleviate the waking unhappiness.

However, the child's bed is, in fact, mostly due to the lack of good sleep habits.

At this time, the baby actually needs a small P, the children's smart early education brand ONEGO is about to develop a good habit to develop a robot this year, mainly for a good sleep habit of 3 - 6 year old children!

TA can develop the children's habit of getting up early and getting up early through the custom of customizing the custom. In addition, it can also turn into the colorful breathing lamp to accompany the child to sleep.

There are many amazing functions. Please look forward to the debut of P.


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