ONEGO Wang Guo launched a good habit of developing robot P to fill gaps in domestic habits training

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ONEGO, a newly developed early childhood education brand for children in China, has found that the universal early education machine only assumes the story machine function after thorough investigation of the domestic children's market, but it is a blank in the field of "good habit forming from childhood" that really makes parents have a headache. Recently, ONEGO Wang Guo announced that in the light of this blank area, the good habit of developing robot P will soon be introduced.

3-6 year old baby, children's habit cultivation is very important

All parents believe that habit forms character and character determines destiny. The 3-6 year old baby, who is just learning to speak well, should give them a good range of life and teach their children a good habit in a correct and interesting way. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Parents give children a good habit from childhood, and it is also the greatest gift for children's growth and future.

ONEGO fully investigate and fill gaps in children's good habits training market

After fully investigating the early education market, the ONEGO brand team found that the domestic morning education machine and the story machine are the main "mass story content", but lack the good habit training course. ONEGO believes that, just like giving children education, school age and systematic education have proved that this practice is a correct method for thousands of years. So, ONEGO brand new research and development of the good habit of robot little P, is filling the preschool children's good habit of education this blank market, so that children's good habit of starting from childhood.

ONEGO good habits to develop robot P, to create a good atmosphere for children to cultivate good habits.

The emphasis on the education of a 3-6 year old child is loving guidance rather than beating and scolding. This is the belief of the ONEGO brand team. To use a small P scene, a beautiful morning, the child wakes up under the wake of a little P, wears his own clothes, brush his teeth with his parents correctly, and finish the breakfast. Psychology pays attention to the 21 day effect, ONEGO good habit forming robot small P based on this idea, give children also create a happy 21 day effect, imperceptibly cultivate children to develop good habits. At the same time, the small P will also carry out some simple knowledge enlightenment, including English Enlightenment, festival introduction and so on, so as to achieve good habit formation, knowledge enlightenment and the combination of story company.

About the ONEGO brand

The ONEGO brand is placed in the country's first class mobile software manufacturer, and is committed to a happy new experience for children and families around the world in the hope that every child can move forward from childhood to the right direction in life.


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