ONEGO Wang fruit robot small P to do 3-6 year old mother trust good habit of training brand

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ONEGO旺果机器人小P  做3-6岁宝妈信任的好习惯培养品牌

In November, ONEGO, who is about to come out, has a habit of developing robot P. It is a family robot that focuses on children's habits. Brand company is one of the largest mobile software developers in China, with such technical backing, ONEGO small P is confident in the performance of the product, and is committed to the good habit training brand of 3-6 year old treasure mother.


At the age of 3-6, Bao Ma most wanted her children to straighten their habits at the starting line.

The latest family structure in China is 6 parents around 1 children, parents want to work, education is given to grandparents grandparents, but the new and old parents' educational ideas are often conflicting, which causes children to either grow up in harsh environments or be indulge in love. Therefore, Chinese families, especially the treasure mothers, are eager to have a product that can be recognized by the two generation of parents, helping to cultivate children and correct their children's habits at the starting line.

ONEGO brand building focus team to create front-line content, do the best.

ONEGO brand fully understand this demand, and investigated all relevant products on the market, found that no product can make Bao Ma particularly satisfied. ONEGO brand decided to develop itself, including shape design and content creation. With emphasis on the child's interest, the product's trial function is simple and easy to operate, and the content module is the most important thing in ONEGO. For this purpose, an experienced team has been set up, from content writing, plot design to recording, all of them are controlled to create the first class content of the domestic early education robot. Bonnie, the head of content research and development, said: "our team almost listened to all the Chinese and English songs that could be excavated, and brought their baby to the baby. It took the inspiration from the child's reaction. After all, it took months to build the content, and do the best!"

Plan the first batch of products to produce 200 units and recruit the first experience officers to the market.

As a new product, when consumers do not know the product's performance and content, they often mistake it for no difference from other early education machines. Therefore, ONEGO plan to take out 200 good habits of robot small P, collection of 200 babies as the first batch of experience officer, one is to get the first batch of customers, let customers experience the small P experience of different use, two also hope to obtain treasure mother precious product transformation experience. Listening to customer feedback to improve products is also an important part of ONEGO brand operation.

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