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Full of childlike children's intellectual early education brand

ONEGO, Shanghai Yu Chang Information Technology Co., Ltd. under a rich childlike children's intellectual early education brand.

In line with the love, intentions, happy concept, ONEGO is committed to creating a unique style and safe children's intelligent products, combined with the authority and puzzle to learn to play content, with fun cartoon image, imperceptibly cultivate children's good habits, So that parent-child relationship more intimate, while meeting the child's senses and interactive experience.

In the future, ONEGO will continue to bring happiness and experience to children and families around the world.

With childlike innocence to imagine the future - This is not only a slogan, it is ONEGO healthy look forward to all children grow up.

Brand interpretation

ONEGO for the English word "ONE" and "GO" combination, "ONE" in English is "one" means, and "GO" in English there is "forward" means. Old words are cloud "one also, all things of this", and childhood is the first time in our life the most beautiful time, ONEGO's implication is that every child from childhood began to move in the right direction of life.