learning projector

Not just the opening of the dream



TA is an eye protecting learning computer

30 LM - the projection brightness for children's intimate settings
「Gentle not hurt eyes」

Two-dimensional eye care parents more peace of mind

「Eye protection model」

Adjust brightness and eye mask to protect children's eyesight in real time

「Vision monitoring」

Monitoring data storage, observe changes in children's vision, nip in the bud

Eye40cmDistance wall
Machine20cmDistance wall

TA is a good helper for children

A great deal of age education resources, focusing on education for each age group

Downloadable resources

Edutainment TA Know better


Open the painting New World only 4 steps (take pictures, generate line drawing, projection desk, depicting painting)

Jigsaw puzzle

A good partner who inspires children's intelligence

AR Picture books

Novel reading style, fun enlightenment is a good helper

Magic voice

One question and answer a super interesting, answer the child's one hundred thousand why

“What's the temperature in Shanghai today??”

“25°,It's a warm day!”

Can be connected to a variety of devices



Bluetooth remote controller



Material safety
Food grade silica gel

Safe and secure, just for baby's health