Intelligent Robot

TA is a cat? TA is a dog?
Who care!

Remote video Nursing Voice Chat VOD

Customized voice recognition scheme, cloud phonetic intelligence analysis

Just to get to know the kids better

Anytime, anywhere, voice wakeup

Each interface can be arbitrary voice wakeup, let the children as they wish, chat

Fun chat







You are far away, but love is near

Even if not in the baby's side, but also through the phone APP launched video calls, anytime, anywhere, remote view of the baby's lovely state


A large number of children high-quality content, there are always children like

Real time updates never dull and meet children's growth needs

355 ° omni-directional rotation real-time silent monitoring

To work or go out, worried about the child safe, open the guard mode through the phone APP on the home situation for silence care, quiet guarding the child

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role playing「Listen to the heart of a child」

Do you feel that the baby is growing up at home and there are so many things that you don't want to talk to you about? Want to know the truth of the baby, use the mobile phone APP use "role play" function, with cartoon character identity and your baby make a friend, listen to the child's heart

designIntelligent Refusing monotony,always gives you a different choice